Bra Battles? Bra expert shares why the way your bra fits matters

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You may not know it, but your bra can actually hold the key to your comfort, stability, and sexiness if worn properly. Many women have no idea how choosing a perfect bra can change your silhouette appearance and support your back, especially as a plus size and curvy women.

We had the pleasure of speaking to bra expert, Karima Renee, affectionately known by many as the “The Philly Bra Lady” about why your bra should fit perfectly. Thanks to Karima, we have a new found relationship with  a measuring tape and so will you!

Karima Renee: Photo courtesy of Skinny Minority

Karima Renee: Photo courtesy of Skinny Minority

According to Karima, your bra should fit perfectly to ensure:

Your Comfort- “I’ve lived that, ‘I hate my bra’ life. It’s no fun when your bra literally hurts you.  Many women suffer from all day bra discomfort. Many think it’s the bra but it’s actually the fit of the bra.”

Your Confidence- “Every woman shines when she is confident. When you look good you feel good from the inside out.”

You Don’t Add Bulk- “Most women tend to look either heavier or wider when they are in the wrong size and style bra. The right bra can easily make you look 10lbs. lighter!”

Sexier Curves-“Not all women have a super defined waist, but when your boobs are in the right place you can accentuate the one you have.”

Expert Bonus Tip:

“Did you know it only takes 30 seconds to feel the results of a perfect bra fit? Every woman deserves that and can at least invest 30 seconds of time into themselves!”

To get the proper fit, use a measuring tape to get your size accurate for plenty of comfort. Don’t be shy and ask your favorite lingerie shop to measure your breasts in order to get the right size.

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