Why Christian Siriano is My Hero This Month

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I recently posted an article on the Huffington Post titled, “Is the Body Positive Movement Just a Trend?” To quickly summarize, it basically discussed the case that we had seen a huge increase in body positive support in the media at the beginning of the year but as months passed, the news began to trickle into a slow drip. Where once we were seeing daily articles on Ashley Graham and the rise of the plus size industry, it quickly became evident that this movement was having its 15 seconds of fame. In fact, I figured we wouldn’t hear a thing at New York Fashion Week. The talk had just petered out. And I wasn’t the only thinking this. A brilliant article from Project Runway’s Tim Gunn on the Washington Post titled,Designers Refuse to Make Clothes to Fit American Women. It’s a Disgrace” said basically the same thing.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw Christian Siriano trending on my Facebook page a few days after. I’ve always been a big fan of Siriano. In fact, season four of Project Runway is my all time favorite and it’s because of Christian. His talent and sass captivated me episode by episode. This summer when he did a collaboration with Lane Bryant, I liked him even more. Most designers don’t want to mess with plus size clothing. It was so refreshing to see that not only was he willing to do so, but he brought his A game. I wanted every piece. As you can imagine, I am now a die hard fan with the latest news on the designer. If you haven’t heard, Christian Siriano did a size inclusive show at NYFW meaning he used plus size models! And guess who was one of his VIP guests? Why, none other than Ashley Graham! Siriano was said to use six plus size models on his runway.

A quote in Refinery 29 stated, “I am just trying to show you that you can do it, you can celebrate everyone,” Siriano said. “The clothes looked just as amazing on [the plus models] as everyone else. It is so great to see, they rocked it.”

What exciting news for plus size girls from the fashion industry. Here’s to crossing our fingers and hoping other designers follow suite.

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Jillian Pedersen

Two years ago my life completely changed. I was given the blessing of a happy, healthy daughter. It was a wonderful gift but one that came with many sacrifices. Several which have found themselves sitting along my waistline. I’ve never been called skinny but I’m definitely at a weight I never thought I’d be. However, I’m here and I’m done bashing myself because of the size that’s written on my dress’ label. I want to empower women everywhere to find their own form of beauty and stop relying on what society is saying. There’s a big movement going on right now and plus size women are finding their place among the rest. I want to be a part of that movement. May you find inspiration and encouragement here.

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