Indie Brands That Patronize Awesome Fatshionistas

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Shopping for us plus size women can sometimes be an emotional roller coaster. Although a lot of retailers have recently increased their size ranges expanding up to a 3XL, there is also a struggle for those women who are a size higher than that.

The worst part about shopping when you are heavier set is even when you do find something that does cater to your body size, they tend to cost a little bit more thanks to something we like to call a fat tax. Bummer.

But it’s not the end of the world, ladies. There are actually a few indie designers that cater to the plus sized women scene and make your money worth its while! How about instead of spending more money for a little bit more fabric, we spend our hard earned money on politics that we can actually relate to?

Here are a few indie “fatshionista” brands that you should check out:


rue 107 logo


RUE 107Bright and fun patterns and prints is all that RUE 107 is about! Everything that fat women have been told not to wear can be found thanks to this brand including body con dresses, fitted crop tops, tight skirts and more. Catering to all sizes, you can be a size 0 to a 5X and still rock their designs with pride and confidence!

Rue 107 describes themselves as a celebration of the fashion vagabonds who cherish self- expressive moments and who refuse to apologize for the things that make them happy and proud of who they are. So whether you choose their cupcake clad skirts or lemon plastered dresses, you will definitely shine.

smart glamour logo

smart glamour

SMART GLAMOUR. Smart Glamour is owned and managed by the amazing Mallorie Dunn who describes herself and a “thin, white and socially attractive” woman who wishes to work with all body sizes from XXS to even 6X (and higher!). Dunn have proven herself to be someone who supports all body types and sizes and proves this by being one of the most size inclusive brands out in the market.

Smart Glamour’s designs are a beautiful fusion of vintage Hollywood and upscale New York working girl that any woman, big or small will have no problems pulling off. The greatest thing about them? For a small price, they actually ship internationally.


chubby cartwheels

chubby cartwheels lookbook

CHUBBY CARTWHEELSChubby cartwheels has got to be our favorite among the bunch mostly because of there witty catch lines that revolve around the plus sized woman. With lines like Diet Industry Dropout and Sluts with Guts, it’s impossible for any curvy woman to wear their products without feeling a sense of pride and empowerment.

Designer Shawna Farmer makes a political standpoint in her designs even through a simple text on a t-shirt and other provocatively sexy designs that screams “we can wear anything we want and shouldn’t be shamed for it!” Her other designs include mermaid leggings, mesh tops and skimpy bottoms with cannabis prints on them. For a plus sized woman, they definitely break the barriers of fashion and send of bad ass and unapologetic message that we 100% support!

red dress logo

red dress

RE/ DRESS. Last, but surely not the least, on our list is Re/ Dress by Rachel Kacenjar who has a certain knack of pooling multiple independent designers who support plus size fashion and homing them under one roof. Re/ Dress has become a one stop shop for alternative shoppers, men and women included, who wear their pride on their sleeves.

One design aspect that we particularly love about this brand are their food centered prints which proves that curvy women should not be ashamed of their love for food despite societies unnecessary need to fat-shame to heavier population. Kecenjar is an outspoken feminist who stands behind the acceptance of ones body and size which is why we love everything about her brand!


So whether you’re an extra small or an extra (extra, extra) large, there is really nothing hindering you from loving yourself and clothing yourself in what ever makes you feel good. We at CurvyStyle support these indie designers who have a voice to represent us awesome, strong and confident women!

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