How Plus Size Models Are Making an Impact in the Fashion Industry

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For a very long time, fashion was mostly associated with sized 12 women and under. Many brands had failed to shed light on the amazing, beautiful and sexy women of the plus sized community because of the false perceptions that beauty came with a small waistline. However, in the more recent times, brands have seen the errors in their ways and are although they are in the still phases of development, it is still refreshing to see the significant changes that they are making in regards to celebrating the plus sized woman.


Beauty standards have substantially changed over the years and instead of women looking up to stick thin, heavily painted in makeup and draped in superficial clothing models; they now look up to those who portray real women- curves, stretch marks, blemishes and everything.


Here are a few brands that have broken the boundaries between the traditional high fashion models and the real woman:




Dove’s campaign on “real beauty” was indeed controversial but one thing was clear about this marketing strategy- beauty truly does come in different shapes, sizes, colors and beliefs.

Their initial campaign pushed producers and consumers to question the standards of beauty, create their own ideals and mostly encourage women all around the world to truly love themselves.



Quebec’s edition of Elle magazine, which has always been known for plastering skinny and high fashion women on the covers of their glossy magazine covers, was greeted high praises after putting Crystal Renn on the front page. Renn, who definitely stood out among the rest of the women who have graced their covers was a breath of fresh air and shook society’s belief of what beauty truly is.


michael kors

Michael Kors which has always been a brand of diversity and timeless style pushed the bar even further when he started making plus sized clothing for the larger demographic. His designs kept the sophisticated look that everyone loved and he made them even better for real women and their real body concerns.


calvin klein

When Myla Dalbesio was casted as a plus size model by Calvin Klein, it caused a riot from the online community and many influential people around the world. True, she may not be the “standards” of the requirements of a plus size model but it caught people’s attention anyways.

Now Calvin Klein does offer a wide selection of plus sizes which have captured the hearts of many women around the world.


These are just a few of the many brands around the world who have opened their doors to women of all sizes and style preferences. It is things like this, that show how we are progressing as a community and how we are empowering men and women to love themselves and to be someone of importance in their own little ways.


Let us know what your favorite campaigns or plus size brands are in the comments below!

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